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Client Motus Holdings Site Mitsubishi Parts Scope Waterproofing on existing metal sheets Where Elandsfontein, JHB
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  • Conventional Waterproofing System for IBR roof area


Mitsubishi Motors has a proud South African heritage which spans over 40 years. In 2011, Mitsubishi appointed Motus Holdings as the distributor of Mitsubishi Products. This diversified business in the automotive sector manages around 53 dealerships in its extensive national dealer network.

Upon inspection, it was evident that the IBR roof structure had suffered damage to the existing sheets and had multiple penetration points that caused noticeable leaking into the areas below. Further water ingress was produced by multiple bolt heads protruding through the existing obsolete waterproofing system.


Sanika Waterproofing Specialists recommended our reputable conventional waterproofing system considering that this option would be most effective in rejuvenating and waterproofing the entire roof area to avoid further degradation, subsequent water ingress and damage to the area below. Sanika determined that the IBR profile roof had to be waterproofed with non-woven polyester waterproofing membrane impregnated with a 100% pure acrylic waterproofing compound and coated with a UV stabilised industrial grade waterproofing compound. All crosslaps, overlaps, boltheads and pipe-penetrations were treated to create a watertight seal preventing water penetration and further damage to the IBR sheeting.

While our conventional waterproofing system ensures a rust proof surface with a watertight seal, it also secures an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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