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Client Imperial Toyota Site Bedfordview Scope Waterproofing on existing metal sheets and waterproofing of gutters Where Bedfordview, Johannesburg


Imperial Automotive Retail, part of the listed Imperial Group, owns one of the largest networks of motor dealerships in South Africa, representing all the major manufacturers.

Sanika was called in to the Imperial Toyota Bedfordview dealership to assess the waterproofing issues surrounding the main showroom, used cars showroom as well as the workshop area. Upon inspection, it was noted that there was extensive water ingress through the existing metal roof areas and the concrete gutters. The waterproofing of the Klip Lok and IBR roofing areas was de-graded and obsolete. Rust was present along with multiple ingress and water penetration points.

On inspection of the gutters, it was evident that the existing waterproofing membrane was obsolete due to numerous cracks and blistering. These ingress points allow water to penetrate deep into the concrete which causes the corroding and swelling of the internal reinforcing bars.


Sanika Waterproofing Specialists found that an insulative boarded waterproofing system needed to be installed to the IBR Roof Sheeting in order to create a watertight barrier as well as to reduce the sound interference to the main sales areas below.

Sanika found that the Klip-Lok areas had to be waterproofed with non-woven polyester waterproofing membrane impregnated with 100% pure acrylic waterproofing compound and coated with a UV stabilizing waterproofing compound to create a watertight seal and prevent water penetration and further damage to the metal sheeting.

It was critical that the concrete gutters surrounding the entire building were protected with a Mineral Maintenance Free torch on waterproofing membrane to prevent any further water ingress into the concrete and the areas below, which if not urgently remedied would have caused severe structural and internal damage to the concrete structure and the valuables below.

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Products used

Insulative Boarded Waterproofing System

Designed and developed by Sanika Waterproofing Specialists over 20 years ago, this roof cladding system eliminates water penetration and thermal radiation in any structure with a concrete, corrugated or IBR profile roof

Metal Roof Waterproofing System

We are able to quickly and effectively waterproof corrugated, Kliplock and IBR profile roofs and guarantee a watertight seal.

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