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Sentinel copper mine is located approximately 150km west of Solwezi in north-west Zambia. In 2016, the mine was experiencing several leaks which were causing damage to the area below. Sanika Waterproofing Specialists were contacted to investigate the cause of the leaks as well as suggest a solution. After an intense inspection of the site, it was noted that the expansion joints were allowing water ingress to the mine below.


Having seen and solved this type of water ingress before, Sanika knew that the best solution for the leaking expansion joints was Emseal's Bridge Expansion Jointing System (BEJS). This expansion joint waterproofing system ensures that the joint is 100% watertight while allowing natural movement of the concrete on either side.

The BEJS system is easily installed from the negative side so this was the perfect solution to the water penetration at the Sentinel copper mine.

Since the installation in 2017, Sentinel have boasted a completely watertight area below their existing expansion joints.

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Products used

Bridge Expansion Joint System (BEJS)

BEJS is a watertight, traffic-durable bridge and roadway expansion joint for new & retrofit joint seals.

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