Tiled Roof Waterproofing System

With our extensive experience in the waterproofing industry, we are able to quickly and effectively waterproof tiled roofs and guarantee a watertight seal.

How it works

Ridges and valleys can cause the biggest waterproofing problems with a tiled roof. Water penetration on these joins can be rectrified with the use of torch on waterproofing membranes and non-woven polyester waterproofing membranes impregnated with a 100% pure acrylic.

For a project of this type, roof tiles in valleys need to be lifted and a torch on waterproofing membrane is installed below the tiles to increase the surface area of the valley and to prevent the ingress of water.

We ensure that the valleys have enough girth not to restrict the flow of water through them.

Features and Benefits

  • Absolute water-tightness
  • Rot proof
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Non-invasive waterproofing
Image of Tiled Roof Waterproofing System

We offer waterproofing of tiled roofs to the following buildings:

  • Residential tile roof
  • Commercial tile roof
  • Patios, balconies and terraces
  • Damaged roof systems
  • Leaking roof
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