Sanika Waterproofing Specialists have partnered with Emseal to bring you waterproofing expansion joint covers and sealants for the built environment in Southern Africa. As the sole distributor of Emseal in the Southern African region, we are proud to supply a product of such a high quality as well as an equally high quality service when installing Emseal products. Emseal expansion joints and pre-compressed hybrid sealants are waterproof, fire-rated, trafficable, sound attenuating, insulating, air-, wind-, and watertight.

Emseal products allow for simple installation and non-invasive anchoring with 100% movement, including shear movement. Unlike competitors, Emseal expansion joins experiences no tension on the bond line or on the surface because the product relies on the back-pressure on both sides of the substrate, and not only the epoxy adhesive. Emseal products are able to easily handle transitions and terminations without any weak points.

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Emseal Product Range


The colorseal-on-a-reel ensures water tightness in vertical or horizontal structural and abutment joints in virtually any substrate.

DSM System

The DSM system is used as a watertight joint system for decks, stadiums & below-grade walls.

Emshield® WFR

Emshield is a 2 & 3 hour fire-rated, watertight and watertight expansion joint for new and retrofit joint seals.

SJS-Seismic Joint System

Seismic Expansion Joint System is a trafficable, watertight, sound-dampening solution for parking decks, car parks and stadiums.


Submerseal is a completely watertight joint expansion system for continuous immersion in chlorinated, saline, potable or wastewater environments.

Bridge Expansion Joint System (BEJS)

BEJS is a watertight, traffic-durable bridge and roadway expansion joint for new & retrofit joint seals.


Watertight bridge seal for smaller joints

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