Eastgate Shopping Centre Rooftop Parking Deck

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Client Excellerate Site Eastgate Shopping Centre Scope Concrete Waterproofing Where Bedfordview, Gauteng
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The current and historical leak register at the Eastgate Shopping Centre has pinpointed large amounts of water ingress along the junction of the “old and new” slabs on the Rooftop Parking Deck.

There are multiple points of water ingress noted due to inadequate and obsolete waterproofing beneath the existing Mastic Asphalt, which has reached its life span as evident from the severe rutting, surface cracking and gaping holes.

Furthermore, the visible termination flashings of the existing underlying waterproofing membranes are gapping and degraded allowing water seepage below the malthoid and torch on systems beneath the mastic asphalt.

An inefficient attempt at waterproofing these areas has been conducted multiple times and it is in our professional opinion that to prevent the water ingress migrating along the slab through to the expansion joints and via other presumed minor cracks in the slab that the area must then be correctly waterproofed in order to prevent further costly structural damage and damage to the tenants stores below.


Eastgate, along with facility manager, Excellerate, contracted Sanika Waterproofing Specialists to replace the existing jowaterproofing after conducting in-depth research and otheer waterproofing conducted by Sanika was found to be a great success. Sanika removed the existing mastic asphalt covering, repaired the underlying surface, installed the new full bores where required before installing a dual layer torch on waterproofing system design for use beneath tar.

Once completed, Sanika resurfaced the area with a 50mm tar coating.

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Products used

SJS-Seismic Joint System

Seismic Expansion Joint System is a trafficable, watertight, sound-dampening solution for parking decks, car parks and stadiums.

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