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Client NWK Limited Site Lichtenburg - Coligny Silos, Grootpan Silos, Koster Silos, Delareyville Silos, Silo 5 Lichtenburg Scope Concrete Repair and Waterprooofing of the silo and hopper tunnels. Where Lichtenburg, North West
Products Used
  • Kryton Leak Repair Sytem
  • Krytol T1®


NWK Limited is one of South Africa’s leading agricultural businesses that has successfully been participating in the grain and food value chain for over a century. NWK boast with a concrete storage capacity of 1.7 million tons of grain and majority market share in the North-West Province.

When it comes to protecting the harvest, NWK needed to ensure that the correct products and professional applications were utilized to ensure watertight tunnels and eliminate potential ruin of crops. Some silo sites are over 35 years old and have undergone extensive concrete deterioration over the years.

Upon inspection, Sanika Waterproo˜ng Specialists found multiple cracks and evident signs of early spalling due to aging of the existing concrete structure. All expansion joints were delaminated due to the negative pressure and became obsolete and needed replacement. Excessive water ingress further occurred through the joints and back wall areas which caused the internal reinforcing bars to corrode and swell and subsequently burst the concrete around these bars. In some cases, the cracking was so severe that it caused spalding, exposing the reinforced steel beneath, causing further corrosion, rust and deterioration to the structure.


To prevent further rapid and serious costly deterioration to the entire structure that could potentially result in structure failure or rebuild, it was critical that the structure be correctly rejuvenated, repaired and waterproofed using Kryton Crystalline Technology.

The Kryton Krystol application has a proven success record in similar case studies, worldwide, for the past 40 years. Application over the entire exterior surface of the concrete structure will result in the growth of Kryton Crystals throughout the concrete mass. This prevents any further water/air ingress into the concrete, thereby transforming the concrete itself into a waterproof barrier.

Any further deterioration to the concrete structure and reinforced steel from water ingress will be retarded by the growth of these crystals into the concreate, therefore substantially lengthening the lifespan of this structure. Not only did Kryton waterproof the tunnels but prolonged the longevity and rejuvenated the concrete.

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