Kakamas Hydro Electric Power Station

Image of Kakamas Hydro Electric Power Station
Client CSV Construction Site Kakamas Hydro Electric Power Station Scope Concrete Waterproofing and Repair Where Upington, Northern Cape


The Kakamas Hydro Electric Scheme had several flaws that were causing cracks and severe water leakage. Because of the nature of this project, the reservoir could not be emptied for the repair process, as not only would it stagnate their hydro electric process, but it would incur enormous labour and operational costs. Therefore, repairs would have to be to the negative side.

CSV Construction had numerous waterproofing contractors prepare a test panel on the leaking areas to confirm whether their solution would work for this extremely large structure.

Sanika Waterproofing Specialists prepared the only successful test panel using the Kryton Crack Repair Waterproofing System. Thus, we were awarded the contract to repair, rejuvenate and waterproof the concrete cooling tower.


It was critical that the entire structure be correctly rejuvenated, repaired and waterproofed using Kryton Crystalline Technology, which has a proven success record in similar case studies worldwide for the past 40 years. Sanika commenced the concrete rejuvenation process by removing the damage concrete and cleaning the area with a high pressure washer. Once clean, cracks were chased correctly and filled with Kryton's Crack Repair Grout. Kryton Repair Grout sets to 50MPa and can withstand 14 bar of negative pressure - a perfect solution to the severe leaks at Kakamas. Once the cracks were completely filled, the entire surface was sealed with a Kryton T1 slurry. The end result is a completely waterproof concrete from the negative side with no leaks under the severe pressure exerted.

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Products used

Krystol T1® Concrete Waterproofing

Kryton Krystol T1 is a surface-applied crystalline slurry treatment that transforms new or existing concrete into a permanent waterproof barrier.

Krytonite™ Swelling Waterstop

Krytonite Swelling Waterstop is a synthetic rubber waterstop that uses swelling pressure to completely seal concrete construction joints.

Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®)

The Kryton Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) product is a hydrophilic crystalline admixture used to create permanently waterproof concrete.

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