Positive OR Negative Side Waterproofing

How to Protect Concrete from Every Angle

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Construction projects often face tight time constraints, and sometimes important steps are overlooked as a result. When the oversight concerns the waterproofing of the concrete, this can lead to serious implications over the long term. Inappropriate waterproofing may be used, or perhaps none at all, leading to devastating consequences when the building is faced with any kind of water, or even moisture from humidity.

Once water infiltration issues arise, either due to a failure in the existing method, or due to inadequate waterproofing, there are often few options regarding the placement of additional systems. Some products are only effective when applied to either the positive OR negative side, and sometimes it is costly or impossible to access the areas where effective waterproofing must be installed.

Crystalline waterproofing technology is becoming well known as the concrete waterproofing solution of the future, and is best recognized as an admixture to new concrete construction. However, this technology can also be applied after the original concrete placement as a surface applied cementitious slurry.

In the presence of water, the special chemicals will react with the concrete to grow millions of long, needle-shaped crystals deep into the concrete mass. These crystals permanently block and prevent the passage of water through capillary pores, micro-cracks and joints. The concrete itself becomes the waterproof layer and the surface treatment is not required to remain intact for the system to be effective.

As a result, the system – known as Krystol T1 – is extremely durable and will last the lifetime of the concrete.

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Krystol T1® Concrete Waterproofing

Kryton Krystol T1 is a surface-applied crystalline slurry treatment that transforms new or existing concrete into a permanent waterproof barrier.

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